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Mine Geology, Mineral Exploration and Mining Engineer

We offer full-service geology, mineral exploration and mining consultancy firm working across wide range of mineral projects.

Independent Geology and Mining Consultant

Founding Partners

These partners are traditionally consulting firms with demonstrated high-end capabilities. Their core consists of senior experts from Swedish and Finnish mining & metals industry and research with a deep and wide knowledge of mine geology, mineral exploration, mining process and the whole mineral value chain.
Mineral Exploration, Mining and Geology Consultant

Gosselin Mining

Independent geology and mining engineering firm, providing wide range of solutions and know-how. We offers open pit/underground mineral resource estimation, mine planning, optimization, ore reserves and feasibility studies.

Mineral Exploration and Geology Consultant

Taiga Geoservices

Provides mine and resource geological services and mine planning support to clients to better exploit finite mineral deposits and optimally utilize geological information in exploration, mine planning and beneficiation processes. The Owner, Jyri Meriläinen (Eurgeol #1414), has 20 years of professional experience in Finland and Sweden.

Environmental, Social and Governance Mining Consultant

Giron Consulting

The only environmental consultancy in Finland working solely in the field of exploration and mining industry.

Scott Geological Geology Mineral Exploration Consult

Scott Geological

Provides hands-on expertise in greenfields and near-mine mineral exploration including exploration and project management, project portfolio development, drill planning & supervision, geophysics & geochemical planning, core mapping, remote reconnaissance field work and JORC reporting.

Geology, Geotechnical Rock Slope Infrastructure Consult

Hantler Consulting

Provide a broad range of geology and rock engineering services including tunnel and rock slope inspections, rock maintenace design and project management locally in Stockholm and throughout the Nordic region.

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